Keep support teams and customers happy

Modern enterprise companies use Lulaa to slash support volume, delight customers, and create one single source of product truth.

Total Happy Customers

Resolve issues before they become a problem

Lulaa's sophisticated logic algorithm delivers fast, safe and accurate answers using contextual information and short videos.

Bring everyone up to speed

Make it easy to understand concepts by using videos to share information and show steps.

No misleading answers

Solve complex problems and provide more accurate answers than any AI bot on the market.

Localisation made easy

Make international launches a breeze. Our videos can explain without needing text or audio.

Lulaa works wherever you need it to

With our enterprise-grade platform, organisations can delight customers and speed up internal processes at scale.

Built to help you work on all devices

Lulaa works on all devices natively, offline or through web-access.

Content + tech = all delivered

No extra effort for you

We provide world-class help content made for your products and processes. All delivered within your platform or in ours.


Total ROI

Zoho Desk

Keep using the tools your team already loves

Seamlessly connect your systems. Sync advanced customer queries to your support system, feedback to your product tools, and more.

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