Rethink the possibilities of product manuals

Increase revenue, brand loyalty and create a memorable customer experience

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Say goodbye to paper manuals

Start saving money while making your company environmentally friendly. Paper manuals are a relic of the past. Online shoppers are expecting to find answers to their questions online.
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Manuals built for today

Customers hate reading and storing paper manuals. Interactive video is the future. From product setup to use to troubleshooting, Lulaa's got your customers covered.
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Reduce customer support needs

Most questions don't need to be answered by you. Besides interactive guidance, whenever a question comes up, Lulaa can answer it. This ensures a frustration-free experience.
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Lulaa boosts customer experience while using data to create new selling opportunities.

Our benefits speak for themselves

Reduce confusion, customer support needs and get happier customers
Features includeD:
Paperless and digital
Proprietary video-creation
New insights and feedback
Boosts customer experience
Reduce customer support needs
Environmentally friendly
Typical Manuals
Features not included:
Not interactive
No insights or feedback
Bad customer experience
Increases customer support
Not good for the environment

Ready to revolutionize your product manuals?

Turn your post-sales experience into a strategic area of growth
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